Sedation dentistry is designed for those patients who suffer from anxiety, fear and stress over going to the dentist. We understand our patients need to feel relaxed, safe and comfortable when you visit us. At East End Dental, we only provide Inhalation Sedation (also known as nitrous oxide). itrous Oxide, also known to some as laughing gas, is a safe option to ease dental anxiety. It is combined with oxygen and inhaled by our patients, helping them relax through dental treatment. 
If you are considering sedation, Dr. Beug and you will determine if nitrous is right for you depending on the dental treatment, your age, your health and any medications you may be taking. 
NOTE: There are a few factors which determine your eligibility for nitrous oxide. Nitrous may not be available to all patients and will require a consultation. There may be an additional fee associated with nitrous oxide, depending on the type and duration of the procedure.

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