Broken Tooth Or Chipped Tooth

A minor chipped or cracked tooth can wait for medical attention but be cautious when eating food. Foods that are tough to bite or chew should be avoided as well as foods with extreme temperatures.

A broken tooth should be dealt with immediately. There are steps that can be taken once it occurs. These are as follows:
● Rinse your mouth out with warm or saltwater● Apply a cold press near the area where the broken tooth exists● Use gauze or wet tea bag to help soak up the bleeding.● If you are unable to see the dentist within 24 hours, go to a local drug store and get dental cement. It can be used in the interim.● Take an over-the-counter pain reliever to help with the pain.

If you have a tooth that is completely removed this is a dental emergency. Contact an emergency dentist as soon as possible. When handling the tooth, make sure to handle them by the crown. Do not grab the tooth by the root. You can place the tooth in a glass of milk to preserve the tooth.

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