Finding A Dentist In Regina

Finding A Dentist In Regina

Finding a great general, family and cosmetic dentist in Regina may not seem difficult. After all, Regina dentists are governed by the Canadian Dental Association and are well trained and educated. When it comes to your dental and oral health, you do want to find a one in Regina that fits you. The relationship with any dentist tends to be a long one. So what should you look for in a dentist if you want to maintain a healthy smile and oral health for years to come. The obvious first step is to understand the experience of your dentist. Some dentists advance their education in other areas of dentistry. For example, Dr. Beug is a sedation dentist. For those who may have some fears associated with going to the dentist or while they are at the dentist's office, a sedation dentists in Regina understand how to, not only help dental patients through medication but understand how to provide a stress-free environment. Dr. Beug genuinely cares about your oral health and is dedicated to providing a personalized approach. She believes that if you feel comfortable with her as a dentist you will be more likely to visit regularly. Ultimately this will result in better dental health and your health overall.

What to Look for when considering a General Dentist in Regina.

A Holistic Approach to Dental Treatments in Regina

Dentistry over the years has evolved like any other profession. It is no longer just about filling cavities. Instead, dentists take a more comprehensive approach to your dental health focusing on your overall health and preventative care. Ask about their approach to treatment. At East End, Dr. Beug continues to invest in new technologies to better serve her dental patients. Dr. Beug is committed to helping you keep your natural teeth and ensuring your long term dental health.

Training & Continuing EducationDentists in Canada is governed by the Canadian Dentist Association and the College of Dentistry. All Regina Dentists are required to be trained to a quality standard that is one of the best in the world. However, finding out what other skills a dentist has in Regina and their commitment to continuing education are great questions. A commitment to continuance training of themselves and their staff is a good sign.There are signs that a dentist takes lifelong learning seriously. There are certified dental continuing education exam courses offering programs to ensure that practitioners are kept up to date.

Signs a Regina dentist takes lifelong learning seriously:

The dentists in Regina is constantly expanding his or her knowledge base with certified dental continuing education courses. They are continuing to add new services to their practice and new technology to their practice. Dr. Beug continues to invest in new technology and introduces new services. Most recently she introduced low-level laser therapy and dental appliances for sleep apnea.The Importance of Choosing a Regina Dentist that is Right for You

The importance of choosing a Regina dentist that is right for you can not be overemphasized. Finding someone that you feel confident in going to in Regina, that is continuing to further their practice by investing in new technology and service offerings, and a one that fits your personality means that you will be more open to going to see them. By maintaining regular dental visits and checkups, your dental health is improved, your overall health is improved and the end costs of maintaining your smile will be lower.

A Supportive and Comfortable Regina Dental Office Environment

Currently, good service is a critical component of every business. It is especially important for dentists in Regina. You deserve top-notch care from the moment you walk into the dental office. At East End Dental, you'll find the atmosphere in our dental office in Regina very inviting and comfortable. After all, we are a sedation dentistry practice. We also go the extra mile in providing a comfortable experience. We offer:

A friendly, high-touch teamAn inviting reception area with patient amenitiesOne-on-one personal care from your dentist

Doctor Beug and East End Dental enjoy positive reviews and ratings on Google for providing a welcoming dental office atmosphere.

Offer a Wide Range of Dental Services in Regina

When choosing a dentist in Regina, you may want to consider the range of dental services they provide. It can be important in ensuring comprehensive dental treatments. You’ll have peace of mind knowing they can expertly guide you through any dental health issues. Viewing their website will indicate the extent of their dental services. Do they provide general dentistry, family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services? Do they provide emergency services? Do they provide whitening, veneers, porcelain crowns, pediatric services to name a few?

Supporting the Regina, Saskatchewan Community & Beyond

Although not critical in finding a dentist that is right for you, you may be interested in who they support. Regina dentists give back to their community in various ways. Dr. Beug contributes her time to a number of charities including being the founder of Your Time Women's Empowerment Foundation. The Foundation's aim is to provide a sustainable menstrual hygiene product for young women who lack resources to cope with the imposition of their monthly period. We pleased to see the growth of the foundation and the support it has provided not only to people in Regina but around the world.

Dr. Beug and East End Dental Clinic

Dr.Beug, DDS and the experienced staff at East End Dental clinic look forward to serving the needs of Regina, Saskatchewan. We hope that you will consider us when looking for a dental practice for general, family and cosmetic dentistry services excellence. We welcome new patients. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your next dental exams. Make your dental hygiene a priority and avoid problems.

We are located on the east side of the city at 2069 Park St., Regina, SK.Phone us at 306 781 7011 and book an appointment. Check out our hours on our website.We are accepting new patients.We accept all insurance providers.