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Oral Cancer

Velscope Oral Cancer Detection


Oral cancer is one of the most curable and treatable cancers if detected early.  When discovered in the early stages, five-year survivorship is very high.  More than 4,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer or cancer of the larynx, yearly.  Of those over 25% will die from it.  This is higher than the number of deaths from cervical cancer, melanoma skin cancers, and testicle cancer.  The Velscope exam allows Dr. Beug to check for abnormalities in a patients mouth.  The smallest of unusual cell growth is detected and can result in treatments that stop cell growth before they turn into large tumours.  


What is Oral Cancer?


Oral cancer is commonly referred to as "mouth cancer."  Cancer can occur in any part of the mouth but usually is located in the lips, cheeks or gums.  Most of us think that those of risk of oral cancer are those that smoke, drink excessively, chew tobacco, excess sun exposure to the lips, a diet high in red meats, and exposure to chemicals like asbestos.   While these people are at higher risk, improper dental care is a leading cause of oral cancer.  This is why Dr. Beug recommends keeping current on check-ups and appointments.  This is why Dr. Beug also recommends having an oral cancer screening once a year.  


Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer


There are a number of signs to be on the lookout for regarding oral cancer.  Red or white patches on the tongue or internal lining of the mouth.  If it hurts to swallow or if you notice loose teeth.  Ulcers or sores in your mouth. Stiffness in your jaw or neck pain.  If you experience any of the signs or symptoms, you should contact your dentist immediately.