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Laser Dentistry

Lasers are now the new weapon in East End Dental's approach to serving its patient's dental needs.  Lasers have become so sophisticated these days that they can be used on hard tissue such as teeth and soft tissue such as gums.  The laser for hard tissue can be used to prepare teeth for cosmetic dentistry and restorative procedures while the soft tissue laser can be used to treat gum disease.  What real makes this exciting is that it is virtually pain-free. 


The hard laser is especially useful in removing decayed tooth matter.  It has reduced the time to remove a decayed tooth mater with the added benefit of treating it in a fraction of the time, more precisely and virtually painless.  The soft tissue laser is a great tool in fighting gum diseases and soft tissue ailments.   The soft tissue laser causes no pain, reduces healing time and is minimally invasive.  It has also been very effective in treating cold sores.