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Anxiety Free Dentistry

If you suffer from anxiety as it relates to dental treatments, you are not alone, more than 40 million people in North America suffer from dental anxiety. There are various degrees of dental anxiety experienced by patients ranging from moderate to severe.  


Dental anxiety can be seen in a variety of ways:


If you are going to the dentist tomorrow would you feel afraid, frightened of what might happen?


When you are in the dentist's office do you feel anxious, maybe an unsettled stomach?


When you are in the dentist's chair, again, do you feel anxious or have an unsettled stomach?


Have you ever put off a dentist appointment due to anxiety or fear?


Do your muscles become tense while being treated?


When getting treatment does your heart beat faster?


Do you have a difficult time breathing or swallowing during dental treatment?


These are just some of the indications of dental anxiety.  We focus on providing anxiety-free dentistry.